Wills & Trusts



A Will is a basic estate planning tool and is used to plan for the future.  The wishes of our clients are discussed at length to ensure the best possible outcome is reached for each client's unique circumstance. For guidance with estate planning tools such as Wills, contact the Ghobrial Law Firm. 


Another estate planning tool is a Trust and there are so many different kinds of Trusts today.  It is important to speak with an experienced probate attorney who can assist you with the best plan for your individual and family needs.  At the Ghobrial Law Firm, we assist our clients with the creation of Trusts, we guide Trustees while they perform  their duties under a Trust, we advise beneficiaries of their rights under the Trust and we assist clients with all other matters relating to Trusts.

Pet Trusts

Do you have a pet and want to ensure he or she lives comfortably if something happens to you?  If so, contact the Ghobrial Law Firm for guidance on Pet Trusts.


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