In addition to helping families and friends take care of loved ones in the event of incapacity, the Ghobrial Law Firm assists families and friends through the probate process.


The Probate Process can be daunting and there are practical matters that require attention at a time filled with stress and sorrow.  At the Ghobrial Law Firm, we take the time to get to know our clients and determine the best way to proceed in each unique situation.

The probate process includes much more than simply probating a Will.  For example, a loved one may pass away without a Will.  We, at the Ghobrial Law Firm, are here to work with you in these types of situations and resolve the stressful practicalities of life so that you can experience the desired peace of mind during difficult times.

When a family member or friend makes the important decision to probate a Will, requests a determination of heirs when a loved one passes away without a Will, or begins the process of opening an administration of an estate, speaking with an experienced probate attorney is invaluable.  Contact the Ghobrial Law Firm for guidance on probate matters.



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